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FSA will be offering Men's Open outdoor league play for the spring and fall sessions. All of your team's 8 game schedule will be played on the outdoor fields at FSA Park. Games will be full sided (11v11), and will be officiated by a 3-man crew.

Below you will find detailed information regarding adult outdoor league play including Sessions, Fees & Payments, Leagues and Divisions, Team Assignments, Waiver & RegistrationDivisionsProjected SchedulesCancelations, Forfeits, Refunds, Uniforms/Equipment and Rules.

Fall 2018 - Men's Open – September 8, 2018 - November 3, 2018

8 Game Schedule (Saturdays)

Registration Deadline: August 17, 2018 ($10 late fee applies for those registering after this date)
Spring 2019 - Men's Open – April 27, 2019 (Sat) - June 22, 2019 (Sat)

8 Game Schedule (Saturdays)

Registration Deadline: April 12, 2019 ($10 late fee applies for those registering after this date)
Please be aware that space is limited and this league could sell out prior to the deadline.



Individual Fee: $85  ($10 late fee applies for those registering after the posted deadline)

Fee Includes: 8 game schedule, online scheduling, online standings, officiating (3-man system), field time (games),and player insurance (please be aware that t-shirts or jerseys are not provided with your registration)

Accepted Forms of Payment: Credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), cash or check

Please make checks payable to: Farmington Sports Arena, 11 Executive Drive, Farmington CT 06032


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Individual players will be assigned to teams based on requests submitted at the time of online registration. If a player does not have a team we will assign them where space is available or create a house team. Please be aware that teams will need a minimum of 20 players to complete their roster (maximum of 24). If a team is short players by the registration deadline, we will round out your roster with players that did not make a specific team request.

If you have a group of guys that wish to stay together as a team you will need to register early so that we can group your team together. There is a limited amount of space and we could reach our max number of individual players prior to the posted deadline.

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Men's Open (fall 2018) - Register Online!

Men's Open (spring 2019) - Register Online!


Please submit this registration if you are:

1) part of a team looking to participate in league play

(If you have a group that wishes to stay together you must have all individual registrations submitted and paid no later than the deadline in order for us to accomodate your request. There is limited space available so please be aware that this group could sell out prior to the deadline)


2) an individual looking to be placed on a team

Please register and make your payment if you are interested in being placed on a team. As we begin to finalize rosters we will place you where space is available.

(We will create a house team or add you to an existing "team" that does not have the required 20 players on their roster)



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The creation of leagues and the availability of divisions within leagues is dependent on the number of individuals registered to form teams per session. It is our goal to put together divisions that provide the best competition for all teams involved. FSA reserves the right to promote or relegate a team from one division to another, after the completion of each session.
MEN'S OPEN (11v11) - minimum of 20 players; maximum of 24 per roster


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Men's Open Fall/Spring *Saturday  6:00 & 8:00 PM 45 min Outdoor Turf


*subject to change



Teams cancelling games after the season schedules have been published should expect that there will be no refunds offered for the game. We will do what we can to reschedule, however once leagues start we have very limited open time. There are no guarantees that these games will be made up.

It is rare that FSA will cancel games. In the event that this should happen due to inclement weather, power outages, etc., we will make every attempt to reschedule games, but this is not guaranteed. In the event that we are able to reschedule the game and your team is unavailable on that day, this game will not be rescheduled and a 3-0 forfeit score will be recorded in favor of the available team.

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FSA reserves the right to remove any team/person from any league/program for failure to follow any of the policies and procedures outlined here without refund of session fees. Failure to follow any of the policies and procedures outlined here may also result in your team’s score being recorded as forfeits until your team is in good standing. Scores posted as forfeits will not be reversed.

Questions concerning a players eligibility should be directed to the match official, who shall file a report. Teams that field ineligible players shall be subject to result forfeiture and/ or further disciplinary actions at the discretion of FSA.

Teams/players exhibiting overly aggressive play, fighting by players, coaches or parents, blatant fouls and repetitive displays of unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for game suspension and forced forfeiture. Forfeiture based on this behavior is subject to the discretion of the staff and referees of FSA. Refunds will not be given for forfeited games for either team involved.


Full refunds will be given in the event that the league does not have enough participants enrolled to occur which will result in cancelation of that league. We will attempt to process all refunds within 2 weeks of the cancelation date.

Refunds will not be given for fees to teams/players withdrawing on or after the posted registration deadline for the league of interest.

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The two teams must wear colors that distinguish them from each other and also the referee and assistant referees. Jerseys must be numbered.  In the event of a color conflict, the team designated as the home team, according to the published game schedule, will change colors. No metal spikes or cleats will be allowed. Only molded plastic, rubber cleats (maximum of 1/2" spikes), turf shoes or flat-soled athletic shoes (sneakers, running shoes, etc.).


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Teams or offending individuals will be responsible for any and all fines associated with using non-registered or improperly registered players or for using suspended players or for any other reason in accordance with sanctioned league play.  These fines must be paid to the appropriate authority before a team will be allowed to play their next game.

Player Fine: $100.00

Team Fine: $100.00


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