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Under no circumstances will any recreational team (U06-U08 Recreational divisions) be permitted to roster a travel or premier player playing in the Competitve Division.

Below you will find detailed information regarding youth recreational league play including Sessions, Fees & Payments, Leagues and Divisions, Projected Schedules, Registration, Classified Ads, Waivers & Rosters, Cancellations, Forfeits, Refunds, Scheduling Requests, Uniforms/Equipment and Rules.




Winter 1  – November 9, 2018 (Fri) – December 30, 2018 (Sun) 
    Registration Deadline: October 12, 2018 (Fri)
Winter 2  – January 3, 2019 (Th) – February 23, 2019 (Sat) 
    Registration Deadline: November 30, 2018 (Fri)
Winter 3  – February 24, 2019 (Sun) – April 14, 2019 (Sun) 
    Registration Deadline: January 18, 2019 (Fri)



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Winter 1 - $950 (7 Games)

Winter 2 - $950 (7 Games)

Winter 3 - $950 (7 Games)

League registration includes a 7 game league schedule, online scheduling, online standings, officiating, field time (games), awards for division winners and CJSA fees)

$250 Deposit required at registration; $20 Late Fee for teams registering after the posted deadlines for the session.  The team balance is due in full at your team's first game of the session.

We will not be able to accept individual player credit card payments to be applied to a team’s league fees. We will only be able to accept individual player cash and check payments.


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The creation of leagues and the availability of divisions within leagues is dependent on the number of teams registered per session. Groups may be combined to form leagues. It is our goal to put together divisions that provide the best competition for all teams involved. We respectfully request that you register your team appropriately. FSA reserves the right to promote or relegate a team from one division to another, after the completion of each session.

Youth Recreationl Division Guidelines:

U06 - Coed (8v8) (Born in 2013/2014)

U08 - Boys & Girls (8v8) (Born in 2011/2012)


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Please be aware that due to holiday timing this year during Session 1 play, some leagues may have to play six games within five weekends.  This will mean one weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) where your team will play two games, and these may have to fall outside of projected times due to a very tight schedule.

Coed Rec U06 (2012/2013) Field 4 Saturday 8-11am
Boy's Rec. U08 (2010/2011) Field 4 Saturday 12-6pm or Sunday 12-7pm
Girl's Rec. U08 (2010/2011) Field 4 Saturday 10-2pm


*While we do our best to keep the leagues scheduled within what is projected please be aware that the days and times are subject to change.


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(Submitted by the team’s main contact and party responsible for entire fee)

Registration can be done through our website (preferred), front desk or by phone. All registrations must be accompanied by the $250 deposit. Please be aware that leagues could sell out prior to the deadline. Late registrations will be accepted on a case to case basis provided there is room remaining in the league of interest. Please be aware that there is a $20 Late Fee for teams registering after the posted deadline for the session. Teams must register for every session they plan to play in. Your team is not automatically rolled-over from session to session. All registration is first-come, first-served.

When making online payments by credit card please double-check the payment amount dropdown and make any necessary adjustments. This is especially important when you have multiple registrations under your name.


Winter 1 Team Registration OPENS 9/1/2018

Winter 2 Team Registration OPENS 9/1/2018

Winter 3 Team Registration OPENS 9/1/2018

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CLASSIFIED ADS (Individual players in search of a team or a team in search of an additional player)

Please be aware that we do not offer individual player registration in which we place a player on a team for the recreational divisions in Winter 2 or 3. All registrations for the Youth Recreational Leagues are for full teams for those sessions, which are in control of their own roster. If you are interested in posting a classified ad for your player or for your team please click the link below. Responses to ads posted in the classified section will go directly to the person that posted the ad.

Post a Classified Ad - CLICK HERE! 


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(Required for every player participating in league play at FSA)

Waiver & Roster Information

WAIVER - Parent/Guardian must submit the online liability/medical waiver form prior to adding their child to a registered team's roster for the indoor season. This form only needs to be submitted once per indoor season.

ROSTER -  Information should be submitted by each individual player's parent/guardian online for every team they play on. This process must be repeated for each session they play in.  Two to three days after your team's main contact completes your team registration online, your team name will appear in the appropriate Session, League, and Division and be available for the roster selection process. 

Teams that have not submitted their roster information online are subject to the forfeit rule.

We will not “freeze” rosters. However, the online roster must be kept up to date.

Under no circumstances will any recreational team (U06-U08 Recreational divisions) be permitted to roster a travel or premier developmental team player playing on a team in the Competitive Division.

Players are not allowed to double roster for teams playing in the same league.  The only exception to this rule is for a goalkeeper rostered to a split team.

Under no circumstances will any player be permitted to play at a level below their age.

Any team wanting to protest a roster of their opponent should do so during the game in question. A referee must be asked to involve management at which time a roster will be pulled and players will be identified. Teams fielding players who are not on their roster will be forced to forfeit the game in question. A 3-0 win will be recorded for the other team.


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Teams cancelling games after the season schedules have been published should expect that there will be no refunds offered for the game. We will do what we can to reschedule, however once leagues start we have very limited open time. There are no guarantees that these games will be made up.

It is rare that FSA will cancel games. In the event that this should happen due to inclement weather, power outages, etc., we will make every attempt to reschedule games, but this is not guaranteed. In the event that we are able to reschedule the game and your team is unavailable on that day, this game will not be rescheduled and a 3-0 forfeit score will be recorded in favor of the available team.

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FSA reserves the right to remove any team/person from any league/program for failure to follow any of the policies and procedures outlined here without refund of deposits/session fees. Failure to follow any of the policies and procedures outlined here may also result in your team’s score being recorded as forfeits until your team is in good standing. Scores posted as forfeits will not be reversed.

Any team wanting to protest a roster of their opponent should do so during the game in question. A referee must be asked to involve management at which time a roster will be pulled and players will be identified. Teams fielding players who are not on their roster will be forced to forfeit the game in question. A 3-0 win will be recorded for the other team.

Teams/players exhibiting overly aggressive play, fighting by players, coaches or parents, blatant fouls and repetitive displays of unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for game suspension and forced forfeiture. Forfeiture based on this behavior is subject to the discretion of the staff and referees of FSA. Refunds will not be given for forfeited games for either team involved.


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Full refunds will be given in the event that a program/league/tournament does not have enough participants enrolled to occur which will result in cancellation of that a program/league/tournament. We will attempt to process all refunds within 2 weeks of the cancellation date.

Refunds will not be given on deposits to teams/individuals withdrawing on or after the posted registration deadline for the program/league/tournament of interest.


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Please make note that we respectfully ask that all of your special scheduling requests are submitted in writing by the registration deadline for the session. We reserve the right to refuse any scheduling request submitted after the start of the season.

Scheduling requests will be taken into consideration based on the following prioritization. These requests are not guaranteed to be granted but we will always do our best to accommodate as many reasonable requests as possible.

1. Back to back games for coaches with multiple teams in the SAME age group

2. Back to back games for coaches with multiple teams in DIFFERENT age groups. This is sometimes particularly difficult because we schedule leagues for certain time frames, but we will try to accommodate this request whenever possible.

3. Specific days or time frames for games within the projected schedule. Please give as wide a time frame as possible (4 hours is preferred).

4. BYEs requested to allow a team to participate in a tournament will be taken into consideration only if these requests are submitted before the start of the season. Thereafter any team needing a bye for a weekend of out of town play will forfeit the game as well as their game fees. We cannot grant more than 1 BYE for any team through the course of a season.

Requests we CANNOT accommodate:

1. Games at a particular time every week. We are not able to grant any requests as specific as 2pm every Saturday.

2. Having your season shortened by any amount of games and the price prorated. Request such as these skew the schedule of all of the other teams in the league.

3. Requests for a BYE due to Spring Breaks, Winter Breaks, school dances, ACTs, Superbowl, team fundraisers, birthday parties, etc are likely not to be granted.

4. We request that if ONLY the coach of your team is going to be out of town for a game, you make arrangements to have someone fill in for your coach instead of asking to reschedule or for a BYE.

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Please keep in mind when requesting a BYE, typically each session is scheduled respectively for the same number of weeks as you have games. Although this is a common request, a BYE affects not only your team but also all of the other teams in the league. Please when at all possible keep your requests for this option to a minimum.

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*All teams must wear coordinating shirts. An alternate shirt must also be supplied in the event of a color conflict – Home team changes. Uniforms are not provided with your league fee, however, t-shirts or jerseys can be purchased by contacting TeamSports at (860)-676-2237.

Turf and indoor flats are acceptable forms of footwear; players will not be allowed to play in cleats. Shinguards are mandatory and long pants can only be worn by the goalkeeper.

*Youth Recreational league teams are not required to have numbers on their shirts


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Field 4

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